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Fun things to do when bored.....

If you're ever really bored and need something fun to do, why not try these:

(Warning, some of these may get you in trouble; use with caution please)

  1. Sing random children's songs loudly.
  2. Go to a drive-thru and specify the order is "to go".
  3. Stare at a blinking Christmas bulb and say the word "blink" everytime it blinks.
  4. Paint your neighbor's house pink.
  5. Call Microsoft Technical Support just to chat.
  6. Sew large buttons on the front of your T-shirts and tell people to look at you new "belly button".
  7. Walk into a public restroom make many loud grunting noises and then drop a large melon into the bowl and sigh with relief.
  8. Play with the intercom system at your local Wal-Mart
  9. Attempt to buy Windows 98 at the Apple Store and act confused when the sales rep says they don't carry Windows.
  10. Pick a fight with a burrito.
  11. Entertain the people around you by singing the Rugrats Dummi Bear theme sing continuously.
  12. Pretend your computer mouse is a CB Radio and attempt to communicate with truck drivers.
  13. Try to jam a Nintendo Cartridge into a floppy drive and then ask for help from the computer lab assistant when it wont work.
  14. Switch the color settings on all the computer monitors to only display the color green, explain that you prefer it this way.
  15. Record your plans to take over the world on a video cassette and play it on all the TV sets at your local department store.
  16. Call Burger King and ask for a Big Mac, then get angry when they wont sell you one.
  17. Order a large cheese pizza without any cheese.
  18. Re-arrange the books in the library and explain the Dewey Decimal system violates your religious beliefs.
  19. Print out your homework in yellow ink.
  20. Call your telephone operator and ask to speak with the Easter Bunny; Explain that it is an urgent matter and can't wait until spring.