Hey all,

just wanted to talk about my summer so far, I have been pretty busy lately with one appointment after another (sometimes I wonder if I'm really on vacation lol) I have also been doing volunteer work as part of a program to let me try out diffrerent jobs. I volunteered at a daycare in Raleigh which was fun. the kids I was with were ages 1-2 and then 4-5. the kids were really fun and were very sweet. I was there on their outdoor water day so I got to participate in the water gun/sprinkler fun while I was there. I also was aparently the popular target in the watergun fight (LOL :) )

that was fun. so between appointments, volunteering, and being lazy in front of the computer not much else has gone on around here. well, I'm gonna go get some breakfast (gettin' hungry now!)


Bye for now,




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