Hi Everybody!

It's My 15th B-day!

Just finished opening some presents I got in the mail, lots of pretty cards, some B-day $$$$ and some other things which include some blank CD's, some pillow cases with doggy paw-prints on them etc...... anyway today has been fun, and it's not over yet, I still have to eat dinner later, Mom said she'll make some Spaghetti with Gooey-Bread (Gooey-Bread is my friend Mrs. Whyte's recipe it's a kind of garlic bread with  cheese and Mayo gooey stuff on top...Mmmmmm!......Good......) and after dinner I will have my cake (a vanilla confetti cake with vanilla frosting and sprinkles) that'll be good! and after that it'll  be time to open the rest of the presents.

Here are some pictures I took today so far...

Me wearing my Birthday cake shaped hat:

a cool puzzle from my friend Twilla Brohman and her family:

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